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Ian Ohlson - Chairperson

Ian has over 10 years' management experience in Human Resources. His excellent leadership ability, management experience and people skills add great value to how we run and operate the school.

Susanne French - Vice Chairperson

Susanne has been involved with iThemba since its foundation in Philippi. Today she is deputy chairwoman of the Help Alliance charity organisation and a senior Purser with Lufthansa, and has firmly put down roots in Cape Town. Susanne and Help Alliance are the main fund raisers outside South Africa. Susanne is committed to promoting the school's future success as the link to current and future sponsors from across the world.

Michaela Kaim-Schoby - Director 

Having studied various leadership programmes and worked in a number of positions in the airline industry, Michaela comes with extensive knowledge of operations, leadership qualities and analytical ability, having worked in more than five countries and three continents.


Adriaan Laubscher - Treasurer

Adriaan is a qualified CA and holds an auditor certification. His experience across a number of financial roles including Financial Director represented on the board of a number of organisations adds great value to the financial area of our organisation. 

Veronica Nicholas - Secretary 

Veronica is the principal of iThemba School Capricorn, and also holds the position of secretary on the board of iThemba. Her background and qualifications in education, teaching, assessing and leading, and her past experience in secretarial duties, add great value to the way we run and manage our organisation.

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