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Building a school: iThemba primary school in Capricorn, CPT

The construction of the iThemba Primary School, a primary and secondary school in the township of Capricorn, Cape Town, South Africa, will provide schooling for up to 700 children. Classes 1 and 2 will start in January 2018.

The iThemba Primary School project has great plans: the children in the township of Capricorn are to receive a new school for grades 1-7. The first construction phase will be completed by the beginning of the new school year in January 2018. On January 17, 2018, the school will be opened for the children of the first and second class in a two-pronged manner. By the completion of all construction work in 2022, the school will have capacity for up to 700 girls and boys.

A school that is urgently needed

Many children in the township go to school irregularly or not at all. Why? At most schools, the classes are overcrowded with up to 50 children, often the journey to school is simply too long and the children literally stay on the street instead of going to school regularly. This is when the valuable skills, the 3-6 year old children gained during their time in the iThemba preprimary schools, get lost.

Construction phase I is in full swing

This gave rise to the ambitious idea of building a primary and secondary school. Plans were tirelessly forged and funds collected. Construction phase I is now in full swing. Thanks to professional planning and support, a solid school will be built. The building consists of a sturdy brick building; the roof with its profiled aluminum construction meets the special requirements of the climatic conditions. The school will be able to withstand the severe winter storms for a long time to come.

In the iThemba Primary School, the children will earn an intermediate school-leaving certificate. They are thus qualified for the job market or attending a secondary school.

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